Quadro Pro Baler Pack

The Quadro Pro Baler collects and stacks 4 square bales with great precision. This reduces cost, time and soil compaction. In addition, rain and moisture penetrate less into the stacked bundles. The Quadro Pro Baler Pack is a flexible and forward-looking solution for the economical collection of your straw bales.

In addition, the integrated windrower on the Pro balers with a width of 14m makes the work even more profitable.

Baler: Fendt 12130N, Challenger 2270, Massey Ferguson 2290, New Holland BB9090 Plus

- Price: 85.000 €

- Max. working speed: 20 kph

- Required power: 180 hp

Baler: Fendt 12130N Pro, Challenger 2270 Pro, Massey Ferguson 2290 Pro, New Holland BB9090 Plus Pro

- Price: 105.000 €

- Max. working speed: 20 kph

- Required power: 200 hp

- Working width: 14 M

Bale stacker : Quadro Baler Pro 4

- Price: 35.000 €

- Capacity: 4 bales

Development status

3D: 100%

Textures: 100%

Script: 60%

Ingame Test: 0%

Multiplayer Test: 0%

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