The Old Stream Farm Update

Updated: Feb 14


A new backup is not mandatory but recommended (for some patches)


  • Fixed the problem of the impossibility of placing fences on the farm.

  • Fixed Farm silo Grain

  • Pile of dirt in the restaurant removed ( new savegame recommended)

  • Invisible wall in the fendt workshop fixed

  • Remove the siren in the village

  • All trains croosing fixed ( with the cars collision)

  • Traffic speed Fix

  • Pedestrians fix

  • The problem of selling silage bales to the BGA if you do not have the bga is fixed ( in the meantime you have to buy the bga) ( new savegame recommended)

  • The farm's grain silo bin trigger is now lower

  • Correction of the "CODY'S STRORE" sign

  • Each group of farm decoration items can be sold in separate groups (linked to the location of the buildings) ( new savegame recommended)

  • Adapted cow feed (now 112500 L for 150 cows)

  • Addition of Multifruit storage in the farm silo

  • There are now 13 different license plates (NL, DK, IRL, IT, LU,BE,BE2,D,GB,GB2,FR,FR2,Funny)

  • the shelf of the farm has been repaired for the forks

  • The trigger of milk at the farm is corrected

  • Some flying trees have been replaced ( new savegame recommended)

  • Several bumps in the fields have been removed ( 59, 52, 40 , 48 ,44 ,42) ( new savegame recommended)

What is not a bug:

  • I can't open the doors of the buildings

- You have to buy the land where the building is located to be able to interact with it

  • I can't sell my grain or store it on the farm "you can't unload here"

- You probably have the "FS22_manualAttach" mod and you have not attached the PTO

  • I can't sell my silage bales in the BGA

- You have to buy the BGA (the land) to be able to use it (or sell the bales to Livestock shop)

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